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Our store is located at;

Core Care Technologies, Inc.

309 Fries Mill Road,

Suite 2

Sewell, New Jersey 08080

Toll Free: 844-822-7525


Fax: 856-629-8441

Hours of Operation:

Monday through Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EST.

We are closed on the weekends and on nationally recognized holidays.

Please be advised that Core Care Technologies, Inc. is Accredited by the Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission plays a critical role in the resolution of complaints within healthcare organizations. When concerns or complaints arise regarding the quality of care or safety within a healthcare facility, the Joint Commission steps in as an impartial and independent entity to facilitate resolution. This organization conducts thorough investigations, assesses compliance with established standards, and works collaboratively with healthcare providers to address and rectify issues. Through a structured complaint resolution process, the Joint Commission aims to ensure that patients receive the highest quality care and that healthcare organizations continuously improve their practices to meet or exceed industry standards. This commitment to complaint resolution contributes to the overall enhancement of patient safety and quality of care within the healthcare system.

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